Wearable hand luggage – the way of the future?


If you’ve ever been “that” passenger at the airport pulling items of clothing out of their cabin baggage and putting it on, only to be left looking somewhat like the Michelin Man in an effort to avoid extortionate extra baggage charges then this is for you…

Obviously you don’t mind looking a little different when travelling, so check out the latest in wearable luggage called the Jaktogo.  The Jaktogo coast, which retails for roughly AU$100 and is made of light but strong polyester, can hold up to 15kg of luggage.

‘I may get some funny looks at the airport but after each trip I sell about 10 of them,’ said the man who designed the wearable luggage, John Power, in a recent interview.

Power said ‘frequent flyers could save thousands per year in extra baggage charges by wearing the Jaktogo.’

The Jaktogo also comes in a female friendly, yet equally unflattering, dress version.  While it certainly is not the next big runway success story, in an age where most people are trying to pinch-pennies and budget airlines are continually increasing their restrictions, it could be the next big airport success story!


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