Saving Australia’s furry friend – the Bilby


These little guys sure are cute aren’t they?  The small iconic Bandicoot known as the Bilby is now critically endangered, with the last remaining strongholds in the most remote regions of arid Australia and the Great Sandy Desert to the North West of Western Australia.

Conservationist Malcolm Douglas made it his personal endeavour to rescue the Bilbies from the jaws of feral cats and foxes before they become extinct. He was licensed from The Department of Conservation to capture a number of breeding pairs of Bilbies in the Great Sandy Desert, 250km East of Broome. Rescuing native animals was one area that Malcolm as passionate about, and he invested a great deal of time and effort on the Bilby rescue project.

Though Malcolm is no longer here to protect his beloved Bilbies, this is one legacy of his that will continue to thrive with your help.

How you can help:

If you spot a Bilby in the wild, send an email to Jo at


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