The Sunshine Coast has many charming spots that for some reason or another have gone unnoticed by tourists and even some of the locals. These are the type of secrets that most of us here are pretty content to keep to ourselves, like a charismatic township that’s all the more special because it’s not swarming with tourists or a serene beach where you can relax and read of an afternoon.


Lucky for you, dear reader, we at Affordable Holiday have always been terrible at keeping secrets. So get your notepad out and drop by some of these spots and you’ll soon realise why we’ve been keeping these spots to ourselves.

The Hinterland


There’s no shortage of breathtaking views and hidden treasures amongst the winding road of the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland. If you spent months exploring the place you would have found only a fraction of its secrets.


Right in its heart you’ll find the small village of Montville where you’ll come across a variety of quaint shops with different architectural styles in a unique setting.


If you’re after something a little quieter, venture down the road to Kondalilla National Park. If you follow the rainforest walk to the very end you’ll find yourself at the tranquil Kondalilla Falls. Occasionally, you’ll find others who have been lucky enough to stumble across this little gem, taking a dip beneath the waterfall.

Point Cartwright


The un-patrolled beach, situated at the base of the headland is hidden in plain sight at the very northern end of Kawana beach. Surfers have been keeping it a secret for years for its surfing point break. The high headland provides arguably the most spectacular view of Mooloolaba, the Mooloolah River mouth, Mount Coolum and the ships that frequent the Port of Brisbane. That must be why couples come here for a romantic picnic on the hilltop. I’ve also heard it’s a good place to spot migratory humpback whales and turtles, but let’s just keep that between the two of us.

Yaroomba Beach

Yaroomba Beach is the forgotten neighbour of Coolum Beach. Not visible from the busy David Low Way that hugs the coastline, you’ll feel like you have this hidden stretch of sand all to yourself. There’s plenty of space to sprawl or if you love long walks with just you’re your thoughts, Yaroomba Beach is a great place to start and enjoy kilometres of coastline to stroll along.

There’s plenty more secrets to discover on the Sunshine Coast, but we’d better leave it here for now before the locals find out we’re telling you.

For bookings at any of these great destinations please call our friendly hotcotz reservations team on 1300 468 268 and they will source you the best accommodation at the best price at your destination of choice.


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