The Scariest Time of Year


The end of October isn’t only the scariest time of year because Christmas is creeping up, threatening to empty our wallets, but also because of Halloween. From here in Australia it seems like a highly Americanized tradition, but that’s a common misconception, the true roots of Halloween come from the Gaelic and Welsh.
You may find it surprising but All Hallows’ Eve (as it was traditionally called) has only become popular in the early 1900’s. It was around this time when a mass immigration of Irish and Scottish brought the tradition to North America and it gradually assimilated into American mainstream society. The original Irish and Scottish Jack-O-Lanterns were carved from turnips, but due to the availability of the North American native pumpkin, they began using those instead (and there’s something more frightening about a fiery-eyed pumpkin as opposed to a turnip).
As Australia becomes more multicultural, some form of Halloween celebration or another seems likely to be embedded in Australian culture. We’re already seeing beastie-inspired events arising all around Australia for kids and big kids alike.

Brisbane Zombie Walk (in aid of The Brain Foundation of Australia)

Every October since 2009, Brisbane has been swarmed with the walking dead. They limp around the city streets, through shopping malls and local cemeteries, to the shock of the Brisbanite locals. Fortunately, for us living folk, it’s only an organised gathering where everyone is encouraged to dress in their most gruesome zombie attire. And after they’ve feasted upon most of the locals, they all make their way back to the RNA Showgrounds for bands, markets and movies. We don’t know about you, but we think this sounds like a scary-good time. General Admission: $15. Ages 6 and under are free.

Fright nights at Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast
If you’re after something more involved, Gold Coast’s Movie World theme park will be hosting a number of terrifying attractions including four mazes (filled with all manner of horrors like cannibal clowns) and creepy stage shows and a Halloween parade. If you’re a fan of horror movies and love a good scare, this one is definitely for you (and the kids).
The attraction takes place every Friday and Saturday in October.

Halloween Street Party, Manly Harbour Village, Brisbane

Of course, Halloween is ultimately a holiday for the kids, so if you’re in Brisbane on October 26th, cut some eye-holes in your old sheets, throw it over your head and enjoy the Manly street party with the kids. With markets, performers, fireworks, a best dressed competition and a pumpkin carving competition it’ll be Halloween fun that won’t scare the bejeezus out of you. The best part is yet to come- it’s FREE!

These days, Halloween’s less about comforting the spirits of the dead and more about having fun with the kids, meeting the neighbours while trick or treating and being a little cheeky in your Halloween guise. So enjoy yourself this Halloween, dress up, bob for apples and carve a pumpkin or two to put outside your front door.

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