6 unique film experiences in AUS and NZ


Believe it or not the cinema has had a huge influence on every culture and we see them today. And it seems to me like something with so much influence shouldn’t be confined to a dark room- that same old cinema we also visit. But how do we make a film more than just a film? An experience instead of a Tuesday night outing?
Affordable holidays has put together a list of unique film experiences throughout Australia and New Zealand for your visiting and viewing pleasure. So sit back and enjoy.

1. Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF)
    13th – 24th of November 2013
Remember The Usual Suspects? That was launched there. And how could you forget The Full Monty? That was launched there too. As BIFF enters its 22nd year it teams up with GOMA (The Gallery of Modern Art) to bring you the Australian Cinèmathèque at South Bank. What the heck is the Cinémathèque, I hear you ask? Well, if you were in France, you’d be talking about the Cinémathèque Française, which holds one of the largest archives of films, movie documents and film-related objects in the world. It screens films from around the world and that’s what this year’s BIFF will replicate. The festival features over 130 films spanning an array of genres. Watch new-release films from Asia Pacific, restored classics and international award-winning films. Go for the features, go for the shorts, go for the free films, go to learn all about film-making, just go.

2. Cinema Paradiso
    Wanaka, New Zealand’s South Island
Paradiso cinema
A short bus trip from Queenstown and you’ll come to the peaceful and quirky town of Wanaka. Here you’ll find a cinema that will truly leave you wishing you had one just like it at home. Paradiso brings the most homely feel to a cinema, with comfortable lounges and even a Volkswagen Beetle for seating. Halfway through the film will be paused for a brief (and pleasant) intermission as the doors open to reveal freshly-baked biscuits, coffee and ice-cream. Paradiso provides a unique atmosphere for a charming movie-going experience like no other.

3. Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) Hobart
    7th to the 10th of November 2013
BOFA is a film festival that aims to involve the audience. Its films are always to inspire positive change, and some films are followed by a Q & A with invited speakers and audience participation. The audience explores fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to local political, economic, environmental and social issues suggested in the film. BOFA brings, the world’s best features and documentaries, debates, workshops and more. Buy your tickets before they sell out!

4. Drive-in cinemas
drive in cinema
The classic drive-in experience is rare to find these days; only 13 are still open throughout Australia. For those of us who remember going with the family when we were younger, there was nothing like filling the car with children who would fight over the bag of lollies and climb over each other because they couldn’t see properly. As chaotic as it was, there was still something very special about it. For a family it’s a bonding experience. For a couple it’s more romantic under the moonlight than beside a stranger in a darkened room. To relive that old-time cinema experience, here’s the last of the drive-in cinemas to add to your ‘to-do’ list on your next vacation:
NSW- Heddon Greta, Blacktown, Newcastle, Stockrington, Tibooburra
VIC- Coburg, Dandenong, Dromana
SA- Gepps Cross, St Agnes
QLD- Mareeba, Yatala
WA- Mundaring

5. Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinemas
    Brisbane- 20th October to 24th November
    Adelaide and Melbourne- 1st December to 22nd of December
B&J openair cinema
If you’re not a fan of being cramped up in the car, you’ll love this one. With summer fast approaching, outdoor cinemas will be opening up all over Australia, the Openair Cinemas event is starting it all with music by day and movies by night. This is a fully licensed event, so sit under the stars on a ‘bean lounger,’ enjoy a wide selection of films, old and new and check out the music filled ‘sundae session’ (free ice-cream for all!).

6. Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF)
Gold Coast- 3- 13 of April 2014
From one of Australia’s per-eminent film making locations comes a culturally diverse, interactive and engaging program of film and events. Attendees have their chance to attend film making seminars and panels, networking events and are encouraged to submit their own films. Otherwise go to enjoy the pop-culture (dress up if you like), horror, comedy, home-grown talents and more…

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