It’s almost tomato season- stay sun smart


Australia, the sunburnt country. The hotter it gets, the more tempted we get to take a dip in the ocean. But is it really worth it if we’re going to look like a cherry for the next four days? Is it worth it if we’re going to sting every time we roll over in bed at night? And that’s the least of it. Gosh, I’m better off staying indoors, you think.

And miss out on this? We can’t allow that! We care about our budding vacationers here at Affordable Holidays, so here’s a few easy tips to keep your skin happy and healthy.

1. That summer Australian sun can be pretty harsh on you, more so if you’re fair skinned, but it’s not as scary as it’s made out to be.
It’s as easy as slopping on some sunscreen (don’t forget your ears, nose and the back of your neck like I always do), slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slide on some sunnies and you’re good to go.
If you do notice you’re starting to redden, reapply your sunscreen and seek shade. Simple.

2. If you want people to know how outdoorsy you are, there’s no shame in using fake tan. There’s a large range of products out there so experiment and you can find which shade looks most natural on you. And the best part- they won’t cause you to get freckles or wrinkles like sun tanning will.

3. It’s easy to make your own sunscreen by mixing a couple of teaspoons of Zinc Oxide Powder into your favourite lotion. Just make sure the lotion doesn’t contain citrus oils.

4. Don’t stay inside. You get vitamin D from the sun, which strengthens bones and muscles and prevents osteoporosis in the future. So get out there, enjoy those sunny days; just don’t overindulge.


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