Carol’s booking tips


This morning I spoke in depth with Carol, the Hotcotz Reservations Manager. We discussed the best tips when booking and she gave me some valuable advice:

I’m looking at going to Noosa next January, when I book how do I make sure I get a room?
That will be school holidays and that means rooms fill up fast. It also means that it’s high season, so resorts can and will charge more for accommodation. This doesn’t mean we can’t get you in at a discounted rate though. The best thing you can do is book now to make sure you’ll get the right room at the right price.

So it’s better to organise a vacation in advance?
For the high season or for an event – always. Especially if you’re traveling in a large group.
We have people calling us during the holidays now and unfortunately options are very limited. Just yesterday a customer called and asked to make a booking for 10 people. There was only one resort that we could offer and it was a more pricey option.

Why should I book with you instead of booking online?
We’re the dependable choice. When you make a booking online there’s always uncertainty as to whether the booking was processed properly. And if a problem does arise it’s often very difficult to talk to a real human voice to help resolve it. Booking with Hotcotz you’re dealing with your own consultant and you’re assured to have a stress-free booking experience.
Also we’re talking with the resort staff every day so we can let you know of any new amenities, tell you more about the room you’re booking and inform you of other surprises that you may not have thought of (parking facilities is one of the most common).

What about going to a travel agent?
We deal predominantly in resort accommodation; it’s our specialty. We have personal relationships with each participating resort and they offer deals that aren’t available elsewhere. Our reservations staff have visited some of the properties so we have first-hand knowledge and by talking with you, we can help match you with the resort we think you’ll most enjoy.

What is your most important piece of advice when booking?
Always check with us first. We can save you a bundle.

What’s the best way to book?
Call Hotcotz on 1300 468 268.
Or you can contact us about making a reservation on
Whatever you’re more comfortable with.

Thanks for your time, Carol.
You’re very welcome.


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