Australia’s strangest sporting events.

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I was chatting with one of our admin staff recently when she mentioned that she was excited for something called the Tunarama Festival which takes place in 2 weeks time. “What’s that?” I asked.
“Well you throw a tuna…” she said, and proceeded to tell me about one of the most bizarre festivals I’ve ever heard of. “It actually takes a lot of skill,” she supposed. This got me thinking about what other strange sports we’d host in this wide brown land. Not just the weird events, but those equally skilful – events that take a lot of talent and preparation.

Surely by now I’ve got you wondering what they could be – don’t fret, I’ve done the research for you, and here are the top five:

BankSA Tuna Toss World Championships
Takes place at the
Tunarama Festival
23rd to 26th January 2015, Port Lincoln Foreshore


This is Australia’s premium tuna-tossing event and has been running since 1979. Many of the competitors don’t take this lightly – it’s attended by some of Australia’s leading hammerthrowers, one of whom has held the record for 17 years – an epic toss of 37.23m.
The Tuna Toss is one of many events at the Tunarama Festival including the slippery pole competition and the kegroll. I would seriously like to check this festival out after having read all about it – looks like fun for the whole family!
And if you’re worried about the welfare of the fish, there’s no need – they’re mostly throwing rubberised tuna these nowadays. Click here for the full tuna toss fact sheet.

If this interests you, also look out for:
Giant platypus throwing at Nymboida Heritage Festival, NSW. End of August. Contact: (02) 6649 4155 for more information.

Lasseters Camel Cup
July 11, Alice Springs, Northern Territory

This is the camel equivalent of Melbourne Cup Day – only sillier. Attendees are encouraged to dress with flair, so there’ll be no lack of silly hats. The day consists of nine camel races, each with more attitude than any horse race you’ll see. Why’s that? In case you didn’t know, camels are known for having plenty of personality – and those being raced are sure to have a bit of cheek. The tagline for the race day is: temperamental, terribly unpredictable, very entertaining – which sums it up nicely. There are plenty of other events on the day but the best part is; all proceeds are distributed to local charities through the community grant scheme.

If this interests you, also look out for:
The Melbourne Cup at the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne VIC. November 4.

OAK Australian Wife Carrying Titles
Takes place at The Singleton Show
27th September, Singleton, New South Wales

wife carryBelieve it or not this is an international event. You can’t just sling her over the shoulder either. There are rules about how to carry the old ball-and-chain. Competitors from all over Australia will be carrying their wives through an obstacle course which stretches over 200 metres, competing for the chance to win her weight in beer – the stakes are high! The victor will gain entry to the World Wife Carrying Titles in Finland to compete for the glory and the beer. There, they’ll be representing Australia… sort of like the Olympics. Like I said, these events attract serious contenders.

If this interests you, also look out for:
The Wood Chop Championships – check it out while you’re at the Singleton Show!

Australian Championship Egg Throwing Competition,
Takes place at Toowoomba’s Australia Day Events, QLD (Pittsworth)
Also takes place at Barkley’s Australia Day Events Northern Territory

Have you ever tried throwing an egg long distance? How about catching one? Without the right technique, you’ll be left with egg all over your face. Literally. Well teams in England have managed to throw and catch their eggs up to an egg-splosive 60m! This cracking tradition was started by the Brits who now host The World Egg Throwing Championship. Now each year in Australia, there are plenty of egg-cellent opportunities to test your eggs-treme skills. For egg-sample, Australia Day events are often involving all sorts of egg-sotic events. I’d suggest egg-samining your local area this Australia day to see where you can participate. That’s all yolks!

If this interests you, also look out for:
Any of the other games listed in Barkley’s Australia Day Events listed here.

To book accommodation at any or all of these ridiculous events, call the friendly Affordable Holidays reservations team on 1300 468 268 and they will source the best accommodation at the lowest price.


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