The Pacific’s Best Islands and Beaches

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The Pacific Ocean has its fair share of picture perfect islands and beaches. While some may be more famous than others, the lesser known slices of paradise are just as breathtaking when you first lay eyes on them.

Here is a look at our pick for The Pacific’s Best Islands and Beaches, including some of those yet-to-be-discovered holiday gems.


Rarotonga, Cook Islands




Rarotonga is the island paradise that tourists forgot. Which is pretty extraordinary considering the absurd natural beauty of the island.


Here you will find secluded beaches, crystal clear water that’s perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and hikes through the island’s lush mountainous interior where you’ll stumble upon hidden waterfalls.


Rarotonga is an expert in picture perfect beaches, especially in the south of the island. The best part? You’ll likely have the whole beach to yourself.



Matira Beach, Bora Bora


If the tropical island paradise of Bora Bora isn’t enough to wow the pants off you then visit the island’s best beach, Matira beach.

Located on the southern tip of the island this is the Rolls Royce of beaches in the middle of a luxury car show. The azure water sparkles brighter than a Tiffany engagement ring, and the sand is so soft you’ll think you’re walking on a cloud.

In fact, Matira beach is so perfect it comes in at number eight on CNN Travel’s ‘World’s 100 best beaches’.

The only downside to this magnificent piece of nature is its popularity.



Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

mamanuca islands (source)


Visit virtually any of the idyllic islands that make up the Mamanuca islands in Fiji and you’re almost guaranteed to proclaim ‘heaven on Earth’. And no one would blame you, these islands are magnificent.


Located just of the coast from Nadi, the Mamanuca islands offer it all. White sand beaches, kaleidoscope reefs perfect for snorkelling, budget as well as big-budget accommodation, and even a decent wave break.


The islands are a far cry from a South Pacific secret but they have so much to offer visitors they’re considered by many to be the perfect island getaway.

Spend a while and discover the islands for yourself.



One Foot Island, Aitutaki


One Foot Island is utopia, period.

Named One Foot Island due to the island’s shape, Tapuaetai as it’s officially named, is sure to answer anyone’s call for paradise. This island comes in perfect shades of three colours: blue, white, and green and it’s divine.


A smattering of palm trees, icing-sugar sand, and the odd washed-up coconut is all that makes up this island. And the ocean that swaddles it is so clear you can ‘snorkel’ without even dipping your head in the water.

Sound like paradise? We think so too.


Lanikai Beach, Oahu



Meaning ‘heavenly sea’, Lanikai is certainly that and more. Not only is the beach a lavish piece of Oahu, it also offers a brilliant view across turquoise waters towards two islands just offshore.

You could easily spend an entire day just admiring the view from your beach towel.


Look for the secluded pockets of sand that can be reached by walkways hidden in between the multi-million dollar houses that line the street.


Makalawena Beach, Big Island

maka beach



This stunning stretch of sand is a secluded paradise on Hawaii’s Big Island.


Noted for its brilliant blue water, powder soft sand, and deserted-island feel, Makalawena Beach is the type of beach you thought no longer existed.


Like many things, paradise comes at a cost. Makalawena Beach is not exactly easy to get to.

A visit to this slice of paradise will require a bumpy ride down a dirt road for a couple of miles, then a 20 minute hike across lava. The reward, however, is well worth the effort. And while you may think you’re on a road to nowhere, with scenery seemingly depicting the end of the world, you’re actually on the road to a hidden Eden.


You could easily spend an entire day here relaxing under the shade of a palm tree and swimming in the crystal clear water with the mass of sea turtles who frequent the area.

After all, you deserve a day to relax after the effort it took to get here.

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