5 Reasons to Visit Fiji

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As Australians, we love to travel, but we also love our laid back lifestyle of sun, surf and sand. Who are we kidding – we have it in abundance! So it can sometimes take a bit of convincing to get us to cross oceans in the name of relaxation.


That’s why, to remind you why Fiji really is worth the trip, we’ve put together our ‘5 Reasons to Visit Fiji’.


1. It Won’t Break the Bank

Fiji is more affordable than ever.

Flights in and out of the Pacific nation have dropped so dramatically in recent years that incredible specials are rolling in with every tide.

Save money by purchasing package deals.  You will cut down costs when the elements of your holiday are bundled together instead of purchased individually.

These packages are also magnets for freebies like village tours, equipment hire, and kids clubs so take the family, take your mates, take your Mum – you can afford to!



2. There’s Room to Move

With over 330 islands spread over 194,000 sq kilometers, Fiji extends across the second largest stretch of coral reef in the world.

It’s an island-hoppers paradise. Whether it’s snorkeling, diving, surfing, wildlife tours, or sunset cruises you’re interested in, this region has it all.

Explore the islands, take a tour or two. Fiji’s tour companies offer options to cater for your every need, ranging from day cruises and sailing adventures to week-long private charters.

Don’t forget to make a stop in the pristine Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, they truly capture island-bliss at its best.

If you’re still in need of inspiration to jump on that plane, remember there are 200 uninhabited islands where you can channel your inner Tom Hanks from Castaway and pretend to be marooned for a day or two (in fact, Castaway was filmed on one of the uninhabited islands in the Mamanuca Group).




3. Enjoy the Long Summer

Being a tropical island paradise boasting more daylight hours than anywhere else in the world, Fiji is one of the most eligible year-round destinations in the pacific.

Temperatures rarely move out of the 26C – 31C range, giving you more time to soak up the sun, enjoy a kava ceremony, trek through the jungle, or explore the local markets.



4. Would you Like a Smile With That?

Our Fijian neighbors are renowned for their hospitality and great service, and you don’t need to struggle through a long haul flight to get there.

For less time than it takes to fly from Brisbane to Perth you could be relaxing on an exotic island watching the sun set with drink in hand while the kids make friends with the locals.

Fiji ranks as one of the happiest nations in the world, and it’s said happiness is contagious. So why not get your own happy on?


5. There’s Something for Everyone

 Fiji is a destination that caters to families and couples alike.


Plantation Island Resort offers great deals for families where up to two children (11-years-old and under) can stay for free.


Kick back and relax beneath the Coconut palms while the kids amuse themselves in the Water Park or Kids Club (there is also a club for teens – you can thank us later).


On the other hand, Tokoriki Island Resort offers couples-only accommodation for those seeking a little more privacy. Tripadvisor’s travellers have recently rated this property #1 for romance and luxury, so it’s no wonder Tokoriki hosts everything from barefoot weddings to spa retreats.


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