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 Made famous by the long stretches of sand that grace the island’s shores, Maui is an island most others wouldn’t want to contend with. It’s stolen many-a-heart over the years, and once you visit you will see why.


Drive the inspiring road to Hana and wind your way along the stunning coastline of Maui’s north east. Admire cascading waterfalls, epic coastal views, and be sure to stop along the way at the roadside fruit stands, fresh-fruit smoothie vans, and the odd thrown together table by the roadside selling some of the best banana bread in the Pacific.



 Hawai’i’s playground, O’ahu has it all. Here you will find everything from a lively city with great shopping to solitude on a white-sand beach.


You can learn to surf on Waikiki’s beachfront, travel the coastline to the famous North Shore to take a dip in picturesque Waimea Bay, or grab one of the world’s best tacos from one of the food trucks that are pepper around the island.


O’ahu may be fast-paced but there are still some hidden treasures to be found. Take a day of relative solitude at Bellow’s Beach on O’ahu’s Western Coast, or marvel at the beauty that is The Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples.


Big island(source)


Hawai’i the Big Island

 Hawai’i Island, the Big Island as it’s better known, gets the award for the most impressive view in the state.


Stand atop Mauna Kea at sunrise or sunset, in fact any time of day, and you will be bowled over by the view from this impressive peak. A dormant volcano that stands over 4,000 metres above sea level, Mauana Kea’s peak juts skyward between the clouds and even has a smattering of snow. The world’s largest astronomical observatory also calls its peak home.


Unleash your inner adventurer and track flowing lava from the still-active volcanoes that call the Big Island home. Explore the baron lava landscapes and discover pristine and secluded beaches where you can play Robinson Crusoe for the day.





Known as the garden island, Kaua’i is as rugged and lush as they come.


The island is home to an impressive amount of dramatic scenery, with emerald cliffs plunging into sapphire-blue seas around every corner. The coastline is just as impressive as the rich verdant interior, and is just begging to be explored.


Hike to well-concealed cascading waterfalls and swim in freshwater pools, or make your mark on the most epic hike in Hawaii, the Kalalau Trail, which winds for 17 kilometres along the Napali Coast.





If you’re in search of the ‘real’ Hawaii – you’ve found it.


Moloka’i is rich in history and Hawaiian culture, and it’s said that more than 50% of the island’s people have indigenous heritage. Legend has it Maunaloa, a quaint plantation village on the west side of Moloka’i, was the birthplace of the hula.


Don’t miss Halawa Valley where you’ll find ancient temples and hidden waterfalls.


Island time is taken so seriously on Moloka’i time almost stands still. So take your time, and explore the ‘real’ aloha.


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