Meet Kathy, our Cruising Specialist

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Kathy is the in-house cruising specialist here at Affordable Holidays. She is the go-to woman for everything and anything to do with cruise holidays.


We sat down with Kathy this week to talk all things cruising and she gave us her top tips for cruising, revealed her favourite cruise line, and made us all jealous when she said her next cruise will be from Scandinavia to New York (!).


How many cruises have you been on? 

I’ve been on 16 cruises so far, everywhere from Canada & Alaska to the South Pacific & New Zealand.    


Which is your favourite cruise line and why?

My favourite cruise line is Princess Cruises. My husband and I have a ‘Captains Circle Elite’ membership because we have travelled so many ‘cruise nights’ with them, so we receive special benefits when we cruise such as complimentary laundry and dry cleaning services, priority tender embarkation, and complimentary wine tasting.


Where is your favourite cruising destination and why?

My favourite cruising destination so far is the Mediterranean. We did a 21 night Full Mediterranean cruise there and visited 18 different ports, which meant each day was spent at a new place with new experiences. My favourite port of call was Santorini, the scenery there is outstanding. We also experienced some fantastic tours in Cinque Terre and Amalfi.    


What are the benefits of cruising?

It’s one of the easiest ways to travel, plus there is the added benefit of having everything included – your accommodation, meals, and entertainment are all included in the cost – and you only have to unpack once.    


Are there any must-not-miss activities everyone should do on a cruise? Relaxing. Just enjoy the experience of cruising and do as much or as little as you want.    


What about shore excursions?

We always try to do something different in each new port. Shore excursions are a must when visiting a new port as you may never have the opportunity to go back there again.  

It can be very expensive booking the ship’s tours so we check on-line and if possible pre-book with the local tour operators prior to the cruise.    


Buffet or specialty restaurants?

Speciality restaurants should be experienced at least once during a cruise. Their fine dining and exceptional service are all part of the cruising experience.    


Any tips on cabin choice?

If we could afford it we would book an outside cabin on each cruise, and we have on the odd occasion, but we now book an inside cabin to keep the price down so we can do more cruising! Often the price difference is too high and it’s just not worth it, we would rather spend the extra money on tours in the ports of call because you don’t spend much time in your cabin anyway.    


Any tips for first-time cruisers?

Your cruise is as interesting and exciting as the ports of call. Make your cruise more enjoyable by choosing a cruise with ports of call that appeal to you.    


Where is your dream cruise?

Everywhere! Though, eastern Canada is high on the list. Generally I just love cruising anywhere there are varied and interesting ports of call.    


Where are you headed on your next cruise?

We are cruising from Scandinavia to New York on a 25 night cruise – with Princess Cruises of course… The cruise will take us to a variety of countries we haven’t visited before, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and Finland.    



With access to over 40 cruise lines sailing to exotic destinations around the world, Affordable Holidays can help you plan your perfect cruising holiday.

Contact us for information on the latest deals in cruising and for special deals only available to Affordable Holidays members.

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