Australia’s best island getaways

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Australia has more than its fair share of beautiful islands to choose from, but we think these islands take the cake.

Which island getaway would you choose?



Heron Island

Best for: Marvelling at the immense beauty that resides under the ocean.

Heron Island does nature incredibly well. From the hundreds of turtles who choose the island’s beaches for nesting to the annual whale migration and everything in between, Heron is a treasure chest of natural beauty. 

Spend any amount of time in the water here and you’ll feel like you’ve just dipped into a fish tank. Kaleidoscopic coral covers the ocean floor, manta rays and turtles dance above the reef, and fish dot every space in between.



Lord Howe Island

Best for: Escaping the crowds.

With a limit of just 400 visitors to the island at any one time, you’re never going to feel overcrowded on this impressive island.

You can hike to the very tip of the island to take in the dramatic views of the Pacific, stroll the shores of pristine beaches, or take to the water and explore the brilliant azure marine park and feel like you have the entire island all to yourself.

What more could you want from an island holiday?



Haggerstone Island

Best for: Imitating Robinson Crusoe in luxury.

If you’re going to travel to an exclusive island hideaway then this should be it.

The indulgent Haggerstone Island Resort offers unique, all inclusive accommodation on the island. You’ll reside in eclectic and stylish villas and your days will be filled with as much or as little activity and adventure as you so desire. The fact that the island is encased by sparkling cerulean water and peppered with picture perfect crescents of sand is just an added bonus.

This is the place to go when you want to escape it all and hit the ‘rejuvenate’ button. 



Cocos Keeling Islands

Best for: Feeling like you’ve discovered the world’s last little-known utopia.

Anchored in a sea of indigo blues, which is actually the Indian Ocean, the Cocos Keeling Islands give the impression of paradise found. And this is pretty darn close to accurate.

These remote islands are devoid of hoards of people, traffic jams, and skyscrapers. What you will find is powder-white sand, the obligatory turquoise waters and not much else. And it’s bliss.

Spend your days floating above pristine corals and their residents, flitting between the islands by kayak, and catching your own dinner on a fishing expedition.

What’s not to love?



Flinders Island

Best for: Wild escapes and pristine nature.

When the wildlife vastly outnumbers the residents – there are 200,000 wallabies and only 900 residents – you know you’ve hit the jackpot of pristine island escapes.

The world moves at a slower pace on Flinders Island. But don’t worry, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied. You can traverse the wetlands and deserted beaches of Cameron Inlet, hike through the pristine Strzelecki National Park, or take a scenic drive around the island – it’s bigger than you’d think!

However you choose to spend your time, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and at one with nature. The hard part will be contending with the seemingly deafening ‘noise’ when you return home…


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