6 must-visit cities and towns in Europe

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6 must-visit cities and towns in Europe


Europe is a hot topic in travel at the moment, and rightly so. This vastly rich part of the world has a lot to offer travellers, from history-steeped medieval towns to dramatically beautiful coastline.

Here’s our pick of the 6 must-visit cities and towns in Europe.



Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in Europe. With its ancient ornate architecture set on the banks of the Danube, and cultural treasure troves hidden throughout the city, it’s easy to see why the Budapest is fast becoming a must-visit destination with travellers.

Stroll the streets of Budapest, particularly the Castle District, and you’ll soon stumble upon a variety of cozy cafes, museums, monuments, and chic restaurants serving up fantastic Hungarian goodies. After, when your feet are tired and achy, take pleasure in the city’s bountiful hot springs and soak away your ails.

Add Budapest to your travel list and you’ll be rewarded with a grand appreciation for 19th century architecture and, likely, a mad case of the warm fuzzies for an oft overlooked European city-gem.



Florence, Italy

If ever there was a city perfect for art lovers this is it. Many of the world’s greats have made their mark on this enticing and well-loved city, including Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo, and Giotto. Basically, this is THE place to visit if you’re an art buff.

The golden-hued city is also a haven for travellers who can appreciate beautiful architecture, who enjoy buzzing streets, and good food and wine – the grape-laden region of Chianti is only a short drive away.



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Perched atop dramatic cliffs on the shores of the glistening Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a stunning sight.

Encased by stone walls dating back to the 10th century, Dubrovnik’s Old City, which has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is a wonder to explore.

The city’s rich history, baroque architecture, monuments, and impressive array of galleries and museums are enough to convince even the most skeptical of travellers that Dubrovnik can indeed delivers the goods. It’s easy to get lost – metaphorically not literally – in the quaint laneways for hours on end just marvelling at all the beauty.

Once you’ve strolled, marvelled, and gasped to your heart’s content, be sure to plunge into the azure waters that lap the coastline.



Porto, Portugal

The motherland of port, Porto is one of Western Europe’s finest up-and-coming stars.

Take your time to explore the city; scour fresh-food markets, revel in the town’s vast history, wander museums, stroll down waterfront streets, and get lost in the romance of the city. Here, it is easy to simply take pleasure in the fascination that envelops you from the moment you set eyes on this beyond-lovely city.



Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s lush capital is an attractive arrangement of beautiful buildings set around the Ljubljana River, which snakes through the city’s centre.

Adorning the city are lavish parks, relaxing riverside cafes, and picture perfect bridges tying everything together in a neat – and very pretty – bow. At the city’s unofficial centre, high atop a luscious green throne, sits the elegant Ljubljana Castle, which is well worth exploring

This small city has a lot to offer visitors and is well worth incorporating in to a jaunt through Europe.



Kotor, Montenegro

The picturesque town of Kotor is nestled in the jackpot of stunning settings: on the shores of a gorgeous bay with a backdrop of dramatic mountains.

This stunning medieval town exists in a perpetual state of beauty, yet you won’t find even an ounce of pretentiousness there.

Like many of Europe’s towns, Kotor is steeped in history, particularly its Old Town where cobblestone streets are lined with brilliant architecture, piazzas are peppered throughout, and a beautifully embellished church is never far away.

The aforementioned bay, the Bay of Kotor, gleams like a gem punctuating the surrounding mountains. It’s perfect for taking a dip, cruising by boat, or simply admiring from high atop the hillside.


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