10 Reasons to Cruise Your Next Holiday

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Cruising is increasingly becoming a popular holiday option for travellers, and for good reason. Boring buffets have been replaced with high-end celebrity chef catered restaurants and snore-worthy shore excursions exchanged for unique and exhilarating experiences.

Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, shopaholic, or just love to get great value for money from a holiday, cruising might just be for you.

Here are 10 reasons to consider a cruise for your next holiday.


Food for foodies

The food onboard cruise ships is fast becoming a draw card for food-loving travellers the world over. And with many celebrity chefs now jumping onboard the cruise scene, with the likes of Curtis Stone, Jamie Oliver, and Luke Nguyen taking their culinary genius to the high seas, the dreaded bland buffet of cruise ships past will literally be a thing of the past. Cruising is well on its way to becoming foodie-heaven.

Best bet cruise line for foodie heaven: Royal Caribbean


Cruise 3

Destination variety

If spending the day strolling the historic streets of  Rome followed by an evening floating past the pastel prettiness of the Amalfi Coast en-route to your next destination while you dine sounds like the ideal holiday to you, then cruising may just be your soulmate of holidays. One of the best parts about a cruising holiday is the variety of destinations you’ll get to see while on holiday. No two days are the same, and each port of call offers something new and unique. And the best part is oftentimes you’re transported to the next destination while you sleep.

Best bet cruise line for destination variety: Any and all


Unbeatable Value

The value for money of cruising holidays is pretty hard to beat. With your transport, accommodation, food, entertainment, onboard activities, and often a lot more included in the price, it’s pretty clear causing holidays are an absolute bargain.

Best bet cruise line for unbeatable value: Carnival


Family friendly

Cruising is a fantastic option for family travel. Most cruise ships offer a kids club or something similar for teens, there are plenty of activities onboard to keep kids entertained, and they’ll likely make new friends in the process. With pools, often water slides and other water sports like volleyball, mini golf, rock climbing walls, and education programs on offer the kids will never be bored on a cruise. These worry free, and fun, childcare options mean making time for just the two of you is easy and stress free.

Best bet cruise line for family bliss: Royal Caribbean

Cruise 1


City on water

Cruise ships are not unlike floating cities. They have everything you need and more, from hair salons, cinemas, shopping, quality restaurants, cafes, art galleries, gyms, shows, and much more. Being bored while on a cruise is a pretty difficult task. When you’re not enjoying the sights of a new destination you can be pampering or relaxing onboard your home away from home.

Best bet cruise line for city on water: Pretty much any large ship cruise



More cruising holiday inspiration

Cruise French Polynesia5 of the world’s best places to travel by cruise ship



Romance and pampering

With spas, fine dining, shows, and strolls along the deck at sunset, cruising offers up all the ingredients of a romantic holiday where you can be pampered to the nines and revel in relaxation.

Best bet cruise line for romantic bliss: Princess Cruises

Cruise 4



Speaking of relaxation, it’s pretty hard NOT to relax on a cruise. The term ‘unwind’ is taken seriously onboard and opportunities to do so are around just about every corner. And the spa for a relaxing massage or treatment is a pretty good place to start. Relaxing in one of the pools, spas, cozy nooks with a book, or taking time out to watch the world drift by from your cabin is sure to leave you in a serene state. Some ships even offer up a picnic and blanket for relaxing on the grass deck – yes, there’s a cruise ship with REAL grass out there!

Best bet cruise line for relaxation: Celebrity <- the spas are divine


Cruising is a social affair

Cruising is the perfect holiday to get social. There are so many opportunities to meet different people and make new friends – or to enjoy quality time with friends or family who may have joined you on your cruise holiday. Cruising in groups is becoming a very popular way to travel with friends and family.

Best bet cruise line to get social: Costa Cruises


Perfect ease

Unpack once and let the ship whisk you away. On a cruise ship practically everything is taken care of and the only thing you need to think about or plan is what you want to do and see at your next port of call. Cruising has to be one of the easiest holiday options out there, with everything in one place, options galore, and transport all taken care of. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Best bet cruise line for ease:  Pretty much any cruise line, but if attention to detail and personal touches equal perfection then you can’t go past Crystal Cruises


Cruise 2

Shore excursions

Joining one of the many shore excursions on offer at each port is a fantastic way to make the most of each stop. You’ll be guided by knowledgeable experts, sometimes even locals who know the destination inside and out, and will be able to make the most of each stop. Don’t worry, they’re not all guided city tours and boring bus rides. The shore excursions of today’s cruises offer up all sorts of experiences, everything from cooking schools to swimming with sharks and stingrays.

Best bet cruise line for shore excursions: Norwegian


Inspired to set sail by our article ’10 Reasons to Cruise Your Next Holiday’?

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