7 Amazing Destinations for a Quick 2-day Getaway

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Weekend getaways, Australia


Travel doesn’t always have to be about month-long jaunts overseas. Sometimes all you need is a quick weekend getaway somewhere special to recharge the batteries. And, lucky for us, Australia has more than its fair share of incredible destinations to choose from.

Here’s our pick of 7 Amazing Destinations for a Quick 2-day Getaway in Australia where a weekend escape is your answer to rejuvenation sans the jet lag.


Blue Mountains

With incredible views, stunning waterfalls hidden deep within pristine forest, and a vast network of hiking trails that crisscross the treasure-trove landscape, it’s no wonder the Blue Mountains are a favourite getaway for city-dwellers looking for some much needed rejuvenation and a breath of fresh air.

There are a number of charming towns nestled in the midst of all this natural beauty, with Katoomba, Leura, and Wentworth Falls among the favourites. You’ll find boutique accommodations where you can cosy up by the fire with a hot cocoa, spas where all your troubles will melt away, and world-class restaurants to wine and dine – Leura Garage offers up some seriously delicious food that’s sure to hit the spot.  





Daylesford is where you go when you want to get away from it all, unwind, and be pampered from top to toe in a gorgeous natural setting. The region has been outfitted with everything you could possibly want from an indulgent weekend away, including lush spas, delectable restaurants, boutique art galleries, and postcard-worthy wineries.

A weekend amidst the magic of Daylesford is guaranteed to leave you refreshed and giddy from relaxation overload. 


Barossa Valley

Just a hop, skip, and jump from Adelaide is one of the best wine regions in Australia. Known the world over for its delicious drop of vino and drool-worthy culinary scene, Barossa Valley is the perfect place for a quick wine and food filled weekend escape. The picturesque, undulating hills blanketed in vineyards is just the cherry on top.

Once you’ve filled your belly to the brim with wine and food, take to the skies in a hot air balloon where you can marvel at the beautiful landscape as the sun goes down.  


Lamington National Park

The World Heritage listed Lamington National Park is as pristine as they come. Home to more than 150km of walking trails, over 500 waterfalls, and some of the most diverse and rich flora and fauna found anywhere in Australia, Lamington National Park is a world unto its own. You could spend weeks traversing the verdant terrain and still leave wanting more, but a couple of days to get back to nature will feel like a lifetime in this gorgeous setting. 

For a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend, stay amidst it all at one of the boutique accommodations on offer and you’ll be rewarded with glittering starry skies, and a pure silence that can only come from sleeping hidden deep within a rainforest. 


Bruny Island

Bruny Isand is Tasmania’s wild and wonderful ‘offspring’. This is an island where dramatic coastlines hug wildlife-filled bushland, oysters are fresh and plentiful, and cheese is something to get excited about. A weekend on this rugged and rich island is sure to leave you with a deep appreciation for food, wine, and wildlife – and not necessarily in that order.

One of the best experiences on the island is a wildlife cruise around the coastline where you’ll spot seals, dolphins, and if the season’s right migrating whales.

Be sure to sample the creamy delights of the artisan Bruny Island Cheese Company where    they live and breathe cheese, and it’s delicious. If you can’t say no to a fresh oyster you need to seek them out on Bruny Island. It has been said they are some of the best in the country. The addictive sweet treats at the HIBA chocolate and fudge factory are also well worth a try.


Margaret River

Margaret River is so much more than just a wine region, though the wine that’s produced here is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

The region is packed with everything from stunning beaches where you can enjoy world-class waves or snorkel in fish-filled bays, hike ancient forests, discover the depths of limestone caves, or simply chill at one of the brilliant restaurants or breweries in the area.

If adventure’s your thing you can head for the hills for a bit of mountain biking, go rock climbing, or kayaking. Or, you could skip all that and just spend your days touring the marvellous wineries on offer.  


Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is Australia’s premier rainforest destination. This lush region is full of incredible beauty and a plethora of ancient history, with over 150 million years of stories to tell.

The ancient rainforest makes for a romantic setting and there are a number of resorts, retreats, and boutique accommodations where you can soak up the natural surrounds in luxury.  

Get amongst nature and discover the abundance of flora and fauna on one of the picturesque nature walks, cruises, or tours on offer. Birdlife is plentiful, cassowaries are a regular sight, and crocodiles can be found lurking in rivers and creeks.

Take to the treetops on a skywalk and see the rainforest from the canopy above. This unique perspective will allow you to witness untouched rainforest and the wildlife that roam the leaf-shrouded rainforest floor.  




 Inspired to take a weekend escape by our article ‘7 Amazing Destinations for a Quick 2-day Getaway’? 

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